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Price: 16345.20 INR /user/year

A software that help fashion stores/tailors/designers/boutiques serve their customers with custom made garments i.e. as per their size, required fit and fabric of their choice. Additionally, the software takes up tasks for CRM, customer measurements, fabric selection, sales, inventory management, accounts, etc. View More

Anvesha Garments Store Software

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Price: 15000.00 INR Onwards

An integrated ERP specifically designed to meet the business needs of garment store(s)/fashion store. The solution lets the store design customer promotions, create loyalty cards, offer discounts, undertake season end-sale, display fresh arrivals, manage inventory, levy relevant taxes like VAT/excise, etc. generate sales and MIS reports, undertake billing, track sales returns, undertake finance & accounts related activities through the tool itself. View More

Logic AFS (Apparel & Footwear system)

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Price: 31000.00 INR Onwards

LOGIC AFS is a complete software solution for Apparel, Footwear & Fashion stores. The software is one of the bestselling software with unmatched modular solution with powerful tools. The tool takes care of each and every requirement of a retailer, distributor, manufacturer of footwear and apparel manufacturing companies and retail stores, etc. The software provides a comprehensive solution for accounting, sales, purchases, order management, production, e-Commerce, B2B and MIS Reporting. View More

Prime Garment Management Software

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Price: 24000.00 INR /Single user

A standard and fully Functional automated solution for garment/fashion store management that helps business acquire professional look and perform better, smarter and faster.  The software helps the garment businesses to effectively handle all operations in the store and manage the store well at reduced cost and workforce. software helps to manage inventory, sales, purchases, bar codes, POS, accounting and many more store operations effortlessly.  View More

Sunrise Tailoring Software

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Price: 14000.00 INR /license/year

A modern day software for designer/fashion stores making tailoring a system driven process leading to enhanced user experience and customer service. Tailoring management software covers all activities and transactions of tailoring business and gives you desired information quickly. The software has been developed post taking into account the advice from professional tailors. View More

EBS Software for Retail Garments and Shoes Shop

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Price: 25000.00 INR

Accounting and Inventory Control System for retail garments and shoes shops with wide variety of reports. A complete VAT enabled accounting software with full BARCODE facilities, this solution allows businesses to manage all accounting and inventory control operations from a single platform. View More

Reach Textile Software

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Price: 21000.00 INR Onwards

Reach Textile Software helps manage garments/fashion store efficiently. The software is loaded with useful features such as POS (Point of Sale Software), Inventory, Accounting, Lots & Barcode Management, Loyalty Programs & More. View More

Fashion software are specially develop solutions catering to the overall fashion store management. The fashion software incorporates all processes automated thereby reducing the time and effort with improved productivity at fashion, jewellery or garment stores. An online fashion software allows administration of the business activities from anywhere anytime. The best fashion software consist of at least few or all of the below mentioned functionalities:
  • Designing: Designing is the fundamental element of fashion. Various designing software allow business owners to get innovative designs created effortlessly.
  • Tailoring: Automated tools are available in tailoring software to help businesses to keep track of all tailoring activities.
  • Customer Relationship Management: The CRM features of the fashion software allow businesses to serve the customer better and acquire more opportunities.
  • Accounting: The Accounting operations including daily transaction records, trial balance, balance sheet, expenses, incomes, cash and bank book etc. are some the financial accounting features that can be simplified with software module.
  • Inventory Management: A store needs to be accurately updated about the stock in hand and daily transactions with various departments. Effective inventory management can be effortlessly be enforced with comprehensive inventory management tools.
  • Jewellery Store Management: Jewellers can manage their businesses efficiently keeping track of all sales and repair orders, transactions with smiths, accounting operations, billing and many more using the jewellery store management software.