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Helpdesk refers to the process of resolving customer queries and grievances that is an inseparable element of any business especially ecommerce. To help the customers better, businesses can automated their helpdesk operations with online helpdesk software. These helpdesk software capture the queries/ grievances and direct them to the appropriate personnel to be resolved. Best helpdesk software automates the following tasks:
  • Ticket Management: A ticket is raised when a customer raises a query or grievance via email or social media. Customer support executive answer these queries to handle the tickets and manages to resolve the issues. Status of the tickets can be updated and tracked from within the system on the fly.
  • Assignment of Queries: Queries can be auto-assigned to the capable personnel who answers the raised queries or concerns. The manager is notified if the query takes too long to be resolved or not answered at all.
  • Resource Optimization: Managers can specify the roles and assign the tasks to the team efficiently. The resources can be optimized and their performance can be observed effortlessly.
  • Reports: Various reports pertaining to the team turnaround time, tickets raised, resolution rate etc. can be generated for useful business insights.