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  • Marg The Business Backbone

    Marg Jewellery Software (Trial Version)


    Marg Jewellery software is a complete application allowing jewellers to manage all vital operations pertaining to customers, inventory, item certification, sale, mortgage, kitty, karigars along with financial accounting. This interactive solution helps jewellers to keep them updated with the status of the repairing orders along with fresh orders. Marg jewellery Software is capable of maintaining different inventories for precious metal or stone. See more details...

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  • VIRTUAL SPLAT Software Pvt Ltd

    Virtual Splat Online Jewellery Inventory Management Software


    The online software has been designed exclusively for complete management of various business aspects of Jewellery store management including items, users, customers, sales, daily rates, inventory, transactions etc. With in-built auto calculation facilities for tax, VAT and price list etc. the software equips jewellery stores keep pace with each and every activity effectively. It supports barcode integration to avoid theft. See more details...

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  • Auro Mine Solutions

    Auromine Jewelmine

    35,000 /user

    A retail Jewellery Software with inventory, accounts, bar-coding, billing and much more for entire retail Jewellery industry. Jewel mine Software is a web based application which helps in making day-to-day decisions with granulated control on master data. A user can control inventory movements from a central warehouse or at individual stores. See more details...

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  • Marvel Soft

    MarvelSoft Jewellery Management


    Jewellery management is one of the best software helps manage a Jewellery store effectively by eliminating the manual process or automating them. The software takes care of various functions of managing a jewellery store like billing, weight & estimates, RFID tagging to prevent theft, barcoding/labelling, accounting, taxation, report generation, etc. See more details...

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  • Reach Jewellery Software

    36,000 Onwards

    Reach Jewellery Software comes with option for touch based as well as keyboard based billing facility. Reach Jewellery Software comes with gold smith management facility to track the orders that are given to the gold smith. Old Jewel exchange feature in Jewellery store management gives the flexibility to exchange any type of Jewels starting from Gold, Silver and more. See more details...

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  • Prime Software Solutions

    Prime Jewellery Accounting

    19,000 /Single user

    Jewellery Accounting from Prime Software is a holistic solution helping jewellery stores with state-of-the-art tools to manage their businesses perfectly. The solution is highly integrated with vital jewellery management elements such as Rojmel, financial accounting, stock (Nangmel) and money lending. The complete bundle of proficient tools, solution is easy deployable and simple to use. See more details...

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Jewellery Management in India is one of the developing approach that allows jewellers to execute and manage all their vital operations with not only ease but also flawlessly. Numerous Jewellery Management Software available these days make it quick and simple to perform crucial tasks. Various jewellery design software and jewellery management solutions can be opted for designing items and manage the same for business enhancement.
An ideal jewellery management software consist of the following features:
  • Inventory & Barcode Management: Dealing with inventory and all stock transactions precisely can be simplified with inventory management feature of a jewellery software. Most of the solutions also provide bar code generation and management features as well that help bar code machines integration.
  • Accounting & VAT: Accounting operations such as recording all debits, credits, profits and losses along with creation of balance sheet and trial balance can be accurately performed with exclusive modules. VAT calculations can be automatically performed by the solutions if the necessary elements are pre-defined.
  • POS: POS of Point of Sale helps jewellers to compute the actual cost of the item based on the metal and stone weight, making and polishing charges, purity etc.
  • Purchases: All purchase orders, payments, supplier details, barcode management, stocks and purchase returns along with other purchase functions can be well managed with IT solutions to stay updated with purchase related information.
  • Sales & Repairs: Sales done and repairing tasks can be recorded in the solution along with the other details such as item details, price/ repair charges, weight, and many more. Payment status and mode can also be mentioned.
  • Job Orders: Orders can be taken for repair and new items to be created. Job orders can be enrolled and assigned to the smiths with each minute detail. The order status can also be tracked effortlessly.
  • Loyalty Programs: Various loyalty programs specifying deals and offers can be defined and well managed with extensive features. Jewellers can launch new promotional campaigns and manage.