Mail Management

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Email is the most use way of online communication in any profession these days. Whether sending information to multiple recipients, or sharing any update, pre-defined mailing list helps a lot in quick communication over internet. Businesses are also using email marketing software to promote their products and services. Email software help enhancing business productivity cost-effectively. From a range of email solutions available, the following features must be considered while you get the best email software:
  • Address Book: Address books contain the details of the frequently contacted people. The address book helps users to auto-select a specific contact while only initial characters of the contact name are input thereby preventing from typo errors and instant contact address insertion to send an email.
  • Mailing Lists: Mailing lists can be configured for quick selection of the recipients categorised as per specific concerns such as vendors’ list, employees’ list, customers’ list etc. These lists can be created, modified and removed as when and when required.
  • Filters: Emails can be filtered sender wise, date wise, subject wise and based on other filters effortlessly so as to keep the clutter away and email streamlining.
  • Advanced Search: Advanced features are provided to search a specific email so as to ease the concern of the users in finding a specific email.
  • Priority Inbox: Incoming email can be prioritized allowing users to read and respond to the most important email messages on the go.
  • SMS Integration and Notification: Email solutions can also be integrated with SMS facility to notify the users about recent email messages.