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Media houses include photo studios, audio and video production houses such as film studios, audio recording studios and similar businesses. These businesses have quite different automation needs and hence require distinguished software solutions. Best media software are the most interactive, easy and simple to deploy. Media house software can be categorised as:
  • Graphic Designing: Graphic designing is used in almost every media may it be digital or print such as newspapers, magazines, brochures, visiting cards and many more. Graphic designing forms the base for all. A range of simple to use designing software help users to create graphics for their businesses such as architecture, fashion design, automobile, books, newspapers, and many more.
  • Animation: Animation refers to the moving graphics. Animation is used to create cartoon films, advertisement and online education among others. Animations software helps users with extensive toolsets to create beautiful and quick animations.
  • Video Creation: Creating videos and editing them is now a child’s play with various video software available in India. These software help users to capture videos, add special effects, rehearse timings, enhanced view quality and edit them for professional polishing.
  • Audio Creation: Audio recording, creating clips, adding effects and enhance the audio quality can be hassle freely done with state of the art audio software.