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  • DeviceMax

    KocharTech DeviceMax

    1,350 /device/year

    DeviceMax MDM, is a comprehensive solution for enterprises, to remotely monitor, control, and manage workforce mobile devices, to reduced support costs and business risks See more details...

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  • DeviceMax Lockdown

    KocharTech DeviceMax LockDown

    1,200 /device/year

    A true kiosk model Mobile device management solution for Android based devices which helps enhance customer experience & maximize workforce productivity. The application helps track real-time location, push notifications to users, wipe out data remotely, restrict access for enterprise applications, ensure data security, health monitoring and effective asset management. See more details...

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  • ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

    52,500 /50 device

    A scalable, end-to-end mobile device management solution that equips the organizations to manage all their mobile devices from online from a single dashboard while ensuring data security and keeping a close watch on the field staff. The application supports features for restricting access to unauthorized content, mobile apps, etc. See more details...

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  • IBM MaaS360

    IBM Mass360

    2,500 /device/year

    IBM MaaS360 is a comprehensive MDM/EMM platform that enables apps and content with trust on any device, anytime, anywhere, by delivering mobile security for the way people work. The solution provides support for all major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and OS X and has automated compliance and rules enforcement engine. Provides admin with the power for selective/full wipes of compromised devices. See more details...

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  • vm ware

    VMware AirWatch (Blue Suite)

    5,440 /device/year

    AirWatch by VMware is the global leader in enterprise grade mobility solutions across every device, every operating system and every mobile deployment. The enterprise mobility platform supports multiple OS including AndroidTM, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Chrome OS, Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. With AirWatch, organizations can manage any mobile device type, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, rugged devices, printers and peripherals, etc. See more details...

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    1,400 /device/year

    SOTI EMM is way ahead of the traditional MDM solutions. The software runs on operating systems like Android, iOS, KNOX, Windows 10. Through the software, organizations can manage their mobile devices and their applications, content and security used across the organization. Irrespective of make, model or operating system, SOTI takes the complexity out of mobility management. See more details...

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In enterprise mobility, mobile device management software enable businesses to track and control the mobile devices used for the commercial used by their workforce. Commonly known as mobile management software, these innovative solution can administer each activity executed on the devices and can remotely control devices for installation and uninstallation of applications and data.
Primary features of an MDM software include:
  • Staging and Provisioning: mobile devices can be remotely stages and provisioned to store the data effectively.
  • Mobile Content Management: Data on the mobile devices can be monitored, managed and tracked efficiently. Secure content delivery the specific devices can be managed with special features.
  • Security Management: Mobile device security can be enhanced to protect the data from malware, adware, key logging, spyware and hacking with extensive security management features.
  • Application Management: Installation and uninstallation of applications can be controlled with comprehensive automation tools.
  • Location Tracking: Location tracking of mobile helps finding the location of the mobile devices and ensuring that the mobile devices are not misused.
  • Audit & Reports: Mobile usage auditing and reports can be readily generated for perfect monitoring of the device.