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    Bilent Kyash

    2,500 (Onetime Set Up)

    Kyash is a fully automated and secure system to collect cash payments via a country wide network of neighbourhood shops and offices. A merchant can transact with customers and collect payments who has a mobile (to receive SMS) and cash in hand using Kyash. It has integrated kits for website development platforms like Kartrocket, shopify, Magento, Opencart, Nationkart, WooCommerce, Twiksters, etc. See more details...

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  • PayU biz

    PayUbiz (Economy Plan)


    PayUBiz is a robust payment gateway solution helping e-commerce companies collect payments easily and enhance customer experience. The gateway is easy to setup and a robust way of collecting payments digitally. Once the gateway is integrated with an e-commerce website, the customers can pay through debit/credit card, Net Banking and more. See more details...

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A payment gateway is a service that allows completion of e-commerce transactions. The payment gateway software authorize payee to proceed with checkout while paying for the product/ service using credit card/ debit card/ net banking or e-wallets instantly. E-commerce is not possible without payment gateway integration as this is the only way to process the checkout for transaction execution online. Payment gateway software are used in all retail and almost every business. To find a best payment gateway software, consider the following features:
  • User friendly
  • Password protection
  • OTP generation
  • SMS and Email integration