LOGIC Wellness

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Price: 25000.00 INR /year

LOGIC Wellness is a power packed solution which caters to the needs of almost all business units in the wellness and beauty segment. The software spans its significance across various business types in wellness segments like yoga centres, beauty centres, spa, gyms, slimming centres, etc. The solution helps effective management of the centres and helps them take innovative measures to enhance profitability and branding. View More

CodeRobotics Spa and Massage Management

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Price: 12450.00 INR

A highly integrated platform that enables overall business management from within a single solution. This cost effective solution helps execution of Spa and Message Center activities flawlessly. Enabled with password protection, the solution allows only authorized access thereby offering a secure and reliable automation product. View More

Prime Spa & Beauty Salon

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Price: 18000.00 INR /Single User

Spa & Beauty Salon is a holistic solution from Prime Software that enables the businesses to manage all its operations smoothly and provide best customer service on the go. This spa & salon management software incorporates all vital elements to be managed for improved productivity such as memberships, appointments, daily transactions, stock, payroll, accounting etc. among others. View More

Imagic Salon Management Software

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Price: 24000.00 INR Onwards

The software helps Spa & Salon manage their day to day operations easily with almost no effort. The solution helps manage customer detail, product inventory detail, employee commission detail, daily routing process like inward, out ward, daily income, daily expense etc. The solution is compatible with touch screen POS and is very user friendly. View More

Ahead SoftPro Salon & Spa Management Software

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Price: 30000.00 INR

Salon & Spa Management software is an automated bundle of features facilitating the businesses to focus on the customer service for increased profitability. The has modules for appointments scheduling, retail billing, purchase, purchase return, barcode sticker printing, accounting, inventory control, CRM, SMS integration stylist/therapist wise sales and commission management, service due reminders etc. including others. View More

Experts IN Xperts Salon

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Price: 20000.00 INR Onwards

Xperts Salon Management Software is a comprehensive, easy to use, specifically designed for Salon & Spa to manage effective Customer Relationship and run the business in a more efficient and profitable manner. View More

Brainpower POS Salon & Spa

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Price: 35000.00 INR /POS

The software helps enhance productivity at salon and beauty business with Brainpower POS. It is easy and user friendly software that enable users to streamline and grow business. Brainpower POS is available ‘On premise’ (Desktop software) as well as ‘Cloud based’ solution. It will simply the daily tasks and bring in profitability through efficiency. View More

eStar eSpa&Salon

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Price: 18000.00 INR Onwards

eSpa&Salon helps in Spa and Salon management with all the required details like booking, enquiry and reports for handling and managing customer(s) efficiently. Also, the software helps in taking business decision in terms of infrastructure investment and manpower management. View More

Agriya Appointment Booking Software

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Price: 83819.00 INR

ABS is a real time online appointment booking software which caters to all your business booking needs. ABS is integrated with highly authentic features that are of a higher grade. The functionality enabled in this appointment booking script is suitable to meet the demands of professionals like engineers, lawyers, doctors and much more. View More

Spa and salon management software is a blend of spa software and salon management software that equips spa and salon businesses with greater efficiency and better customer service. Facilitating all routing functions automated and packaged into a single software, these solutions offer interactive features such as enquiries, packages, customers, appointments, accounting, sales, purchase, and deals & offers.
Primary characteristics of a best spa management software include:
  • Services & Packages: All services and packages available in spa and/ or salon can be defined in this module. Users can also define details of various services clubbed into packages. Customers can choose from these services and this module helps answering the customer queries efficiently.
  • Customer management: Businesses can record the details of their customers in the system and use the same to send promotional offers. History of customers and services provided to them can also be captured and used to generate reports.
  • Appointments: To book for services, appointments can be scheduled and corresponding reminders can be sent to the customers. Appointment scheduling can prevent clashes of customer bookings and help serving customers to the best.
  • Purchases & Inventory: Inventory control and stock tracking can be reinforced in spa and salons effortlessly. Purchase orders, quotations, quantity ordered, stock re-order level, stock transactions etc. can be well managed with purchase and inventory modules.
  • Sales: All sales can be recorded in the system with vital details. Point of sales operations and sales registers can also be maintained seamlessly with these innovative solution.
  • Billing: Billing including the necessary tax percentage has been facilitated. Splitting of bills and printing of the bill is generally enabled within the solution.
  • Deals & offers: As promotional activities, spa & salons keep announcing deals and offers. These promotional campaigns can be defined and executed flawlessly using the automated features that can be intimated to the customers using email and SMS integration.
  • Accounting: Keeping track of daily transactions and incomes and expenditures can be simplified spa & salon management software. These accounting features help smoothening the financial operations and recording an account of each financial activity in the business.
  • Staff Management: Staff can be hired and assigned various tasks and responsibilities that would be recorded in the system. The performance of staff can be closely monitored and salary calculation can be done based on their attendance, overtime and appraisals.