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In India, custom tailoring is a big business. With tailoring as the most productive department, Fashion stores can enhance their productivity with tailoring software. A tailoring software helps in improved performance and streamlines all processes including drafting, cutting, stitching etc.  The tailoring software helps in:
  • Tailoring Master: Tailoring master helps capturing the order details such as deigns and patterns, measurement, item to be tailored etc.
  • Job Allocation: After order taking, the jobs can be assigned to various workmen for drafting, cutting, embroidery, stitching, finishing etc.
  • Inventory Management: Inventory control and administration can be effectively executed on the raw material. Stock in hand can be identified accurately as the stock is auto-updated as a transaction or movement of stock takes place.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Customer relationship management or CRM helps resolving customer queries and providing utmost service support well in-time. CRM helps businesses perform better and acquire more customers effortlessly.
  • Billing: The solution also helps in auto-calculating the tailoring charges and billing accurately.