Store Hippo

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Price: 2999.00 INR Onwards/month

Store Hippo is the new age e- commerce platform that provides comprehensive turnkey solutions for retailers to sell their products and services in the online marketplace. Using the software, a user can create their very own bespoke webstore with just a few clicks and has all integrated features for adding products, delivery, inventory management, digital marketing, billing, discounts & promotions, security, etc. View More

eComNation eCommerce Platform

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Price: 85000.00 INR onwards

eCommerce platform is an all-inclusive webstore creation & management platform which helps users build their online store easily without needing any technical skills. The solution enables user to launch their own bespoke e-commerce storefront. It takes care of everything right from design and development to hosting, maintenance and add-ons. Users can take care of storefront, Order management, Marketing & SEO, Store management, Web hosting, Payment gateway integration, logistics, mobile app, content management, etc. View More

FATbit Yo!Kart Multivendor Marketplace

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Price: 17500.00 INR onwards

A futuristic e-commerce software that enable users to create online market place/webstore with multiple vendors selling their products from a single platform. Marketplace owners can sell products from 1000s of vendors with easy to use interface for suppliers, buyers and backend teams, customers can buy used or new products through these marketplaces. The solution is scalable, reliable and robust. View More

Retaxis Marketplace Store

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Price: 209999.00 INR onwards

A multi- vendor ecommerce platform allowing the enterprises to create an online marketplace where multiple vendors can sign up to sell their products online. For efficient webstore operations, a user can upload products, manage seller payments, make catalogue approvals, manage seller enrolment, undertake order fulfilment, manage vendor dashboard, manage deliveries and product returns. View More

Agriya BuySell

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Price: 34790.00 INR

BuySell is Agriya's Etsy clone script to equip online shopping websites with powerful features to enhance to performance and management. The clone script helps in making a standardized e-commerce webstore for buying and selling unique and versatile products instantaneously. The software has mobile friendly interface with functionalities for mass data import, daily deals, rating system and a lot more. View More

Fair Deal Personal eStore

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Price: 40000.00 INR

Personal eStore is a web based ecommerce solution with all fundamental elements including webstore creation, online order taking and selling the products. This feature rich solution incorporates automated solutions for each process including product lists, payment gateway, email and SMS notifications, responsive layout, shipping, order tracking etc. View More

Fair Deal Multi-Vendor Market Place

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Price: 60000.00 INR

A foray in e-commerce business which allows creation of a webstore acting as a market place catering to business need of multiple vendors. The application offers comprehensive tools to users for selling products/services online. Allows uploading multiple products, offering discounts, has in-built tax calculator, integrated with payment gateways, optimized for SEO, checkout products easily, track and ship products easily. View More

Worldmart Marketplace- Online Store

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Price: 2999.00 INR /month

An online webstore creation application boosting e-commerce business that enables business of any type and size to sell their products online easily without making much effort. The webstore created acts as a one stop-shop for entire online sales operations starting form product listing to order status tracking and delivery. Fully equipped with SEO and blog features, the solution offers logistics support and COD options for flawless execution of the processes. View More

Worldmart Marketplace- Multivendor Store

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Price: 4999.00 INR /month

Multivendor Store is a leading edge webstore creation tool boosting e-commerce business. The software empowers businesses with ultra-modern tools to create their own marketplace accommodating multiple brands or vendors to sell a wider range of products online. It provides an intuitive interface to the webstore so created with POS and payment gateway being integrated, easy check out, analytics for insights, etc. View More

Technoduce CroplaChat

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Price: 138000.00 INR

CroplaChat SDK is a marketplace buyer-seller chat for any marketplace websites like e-commerce store, classifieds, etc. Allowing the customers to chat with each other without revealing their phone number to avoid spam calls. CroplaChat SDK can be seamlessly integrated and configured on any new or existing web or mobile platform (Android & iPhone). View More

PSCS freKart Ecommerce Solution

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Price: 3000.00 INR /annum

freKart is a complete bundle of automated features and tools empowering the businesses with impeccable e-commerce webstore/marketplace development tools. Businesses, irrespective of their types and sizes can create their own eStore and marketplace online on the go.  View More

ManageEngine Site24X7

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Price: 630.00 INR /month

Site24X7 is a performance monitoring solution for DevOps and IT/ITES operations that allows monitoring availability and makes end user experience simple. The organizations are empowered with monitoring toolsets for websites, servers, network, application performance and retail users on the go from within a single platform. View More


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Price: 675.00 INR /agent/month

ClickDesk is a leading live chat service provider in the market offering multi-channel support software for business owners. It is an awesome combo of super-fast text chat service along with audio, video calling features to engage visitors and convert them into happy customers.  View More

Web store software simplify the task of web store creation and management with user-friendly automated tools and features.  These web store solutions are comprised of best practices and technology integrated as a single package of variety of web store management features. A range of web store software in India are available, and the best one has almost all below mentioned features:
  • Vendor management: Vendors can be enrolled in the system with all vital details. These vendors can be managed regarding products offered, vendor performance, payments and history etc.
  • Product management: Products can be on-boarded, barcoded or item codes can be generated, showcased and effectively sold with interactive product management features.
  • Inventory Control: Effective inventory control and management can be enforced flawlessly with auto-updation of stock due to purchase, sales, transfer or returns. Businesses can set auto reminders about re-ordering the stock for in-time stock purchases.
  • Order management & Payment Integration: Orders can be take, completed with the selected payment modes chosen by the customers. Orders status can be tracked precisely for better delivery and customer service.
  • Invoice generation: Invoice amount can be auto-calculated and invoices can be generated and delivered to the customer.
  • Shipping & delivery: Shipping can be scheduled and delivery status can be effectively tracked.