Zoho Creator

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Price: 300.00 INR /user/month

Zoho Creator is a cutting edge app development solution that empower users intending to create their very own mobile apps with minimal coding. The impeccable mobile app creation tool enables user to build custom database applications in minutes, to meet all unique business needs. View More

Configure IT

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Price: 3332.00 INR Onwards/month

Configure IT is an app development platform which simplifies the process of Rapid App Development for enterprises, developers and students. Configure.IT is a platform that helps develop fully customized 100% NATIVE mobile apps without writing code.  A user can create their own database as per their requirement and there is complete visual interface to develop API as per business logic and can connect to remote database and insert data. View More

Frappé Framework

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Price: 20204.00 INR /year

Frappé is a full stack web application framework written in Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS with MySQL as the backend. It was built for ERPNext but is pretty generic and can be used to build database driven apps. Frappé comes with a full blown admin UI called the Desk that handles forms, navigation, lists, menus, permissions, file attachment and much more out of the box. Frappé also has a plug-in architecture that can be used to build plugins to ERPNext. View More

SnapLion (Events & Entertainment)

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Price: 240000.00 INR /event

SnapLion is the market leader in end to end technology platform for developing mobile application(s) for events/conferences, F&B, retail businesses and much more. View More

eZee Appytect Mobile App Builder

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Price: 2050.00 INR Onwards/month

Appytect is a mobile application development platform which allow hotels to get their Hotel App on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The application so built will help attract clients to all the amenities and services offered by hotel with the hotel application. View More

App development is the most sought software as the businesses go online and every business need to showcase its product with vital details. Apps or applications help businesses to reach the target audience and help catering more business leads. App development can be simplified with various app development software that allow users to create beautiful apps without any comprehensive technical know-how and with minimal coding in some cases.
App development empower businesses to acquire e-commerce and m-commerce which is the mobile based business execution.
To find the best app development solution, consider the solution offering:
  • User friendly interface
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Easy updation and modification tools
  • Instant automation to streamline all business operations
  • Multi-OS support
  • Highly integrated feature rich modules