Check Point - Mobile Threat Prevention

(12 reviews)

Price: 3076.32 INR /device/year

Check Point Threat Prevention offers businesses a multi-layered approach to the detection, assessment and mitigation of mobile threats within the company infrastructure. It helps protect all the devices from advanced mobile threats, ensuring you can deploy and defend activities with confidence. View More

Check Point - Sandblast Cloud

(6 reviews)


Checkpoint Sandblast Cloud is a cloud environment email protection for Microsoft office 365 which provides the user with varied tools for multiple layer of defences such as Antivirus, threat extraction and threat emulation. With consistent and intuitive user experience, it is easy to deploy and manage. Its pure cloud solution makes it easy to get up and run quickly. View More

Check Point - Sandblast Agent

(10 reviews)


Checkpoint Sandblast agent is a progressive new solution that extends advanced threat prevention to endpoint devices to defend against zero-day and targeted threats. With the capture and automatic analysis of complete forensics data, Sandblast Agent provides actionable attack insight and context to enable rapid remediation in the event of a breach. View More


Basic office software contribute to enhanced productivity and easing of daily routine tasks. With a range of office software available in the market, best office software comes with most intelligent features automating almost each tiny task and at reasonable cost. Office software for windows are exclusively available that empower users with smart tools for calculation, presentations, documentation, bulk mailing & SMS, accounting, etc.
Office software can be categorised as:
  • Productivity Software: Productivity software help businesses to improve their performance with automated solution available for miscellaneous tasks such as file sharing and storage, collaboration tools etc.
  • Mail Management: Effective communication can be enforced wit ultimate mail management software that empower businesses with mail filtering, mass mailing and many other email management tools.
  • Antivirus & Security: Data security and virus protection is a must-have when a business goes digital. To safeguard the business data and prevent from viruses, malware, spyware etc. antivirus & security software must be used.
  • Accounting: Financial accounting operations can be simplified and automated for accurate calculations, transaction posting and P&L account maintenance along with other accounting tasks.
  • Customer Relationship Management: To serve customers better and acquire more business opportunities, sale processes can be automated and CRM software can be proved to be a big help doing the same.
  • Business Intelligence: For useful business insights, an array of business intelligence tools and solutions are available. These intuitive software helps businesses to analyse and forecast opportunities for improved business operations.
  • Document Management System: Document management system prove to be very helping in the businesses where lots of documents need to be scanned, captured and preserved for anytime use.
  • Bulk Marketing Tools: Every business runs on marketing. Efficient bulk marketing tools help businesses to launch and manage multiple marketing campaigns including bulk messaging, bulk mailing etc.