Zeta FAM

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Price: 75000.00 INR

A simple, flexible and easy to use online platform for managing assets within the organization. The asset management tool help companies manage their fixed assets, update their servicing and other details on a regular basis, update serial number, undertake asset inquiry & generate reports, track assets and a lot more. View More

Celexsa Service Maintenance Software

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Price: 16000.00 INR

Service management system is used across manufacturing industry for undertaking fixed asset management/maintenance activities of assets at plant. The software help companies undertake regular maintenance activities on electronic assets like air conditioners, machines, etc. With the solution, a user can define customer info & product details, set maintenance schedules, manage AMC/PMC, streamline payment collection, maintain business promotion, installation & consumables deliveries. View More

Qelocity QuickAsset Fixed Asset Management

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Price: 35000.00 INR /Single user

QuickASSET – Fixed Asset Management Software is simple, easy, and effective (Desktop / Web Based) application that helps businesses to maintain and manage their Assets. View More

PTSOL EAMbrace - Fixed Asset Management

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Price: 100000.00 INR Onwards

Fixed Asset Management is complete solution that helps organizations maintain records of fixed assets. Complete details of each assets including cost, useful life, user, custodian, images, scan documents, location (up to 6 level), department, cost center etc. With the solution, organization can have 360-degree control over the fixed assets spread across different users/department/location. View More

Nitso Asset-Specialist

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The Asset-Specialist is a fixed asset management software designed to track, control and management of fixed assets. The offered software gives a unified view and control of all your assets, where they are, what they cost and present values are. Featuring a warranty, insurance and maintenance contracts management calendar alerts. This leading fixed asset management software will help you in eliminating drudgery and cost of maintaining fixed assets. View More

Fixed assets in any business can be maintained and retained effectively with the help of fixed asset management system software. These fixed asset management software allow businesses to record their assets and maintain the asset inventory along with maintenance, depreciation and evaluation details. Best fixed asset management software consist the following features:
  • Depreciation calculation- single or multi-shift
  • Depreciation books maintenance in Accounts
  • Asset AMC, warranty, insurance tracking
  • Purchase order, vendor invoice and asset inventory management
  • Asset tagging with barcodes, QR codes, RFID and/ GPS