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Microsoft OneNote

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Brand: Obsidian

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Obsidian Note-Making Software empowers seamless knowledge organization and collaboration, leveraging its interlinked notes system and markdown support for... Read More About Obsidian read review arrow




Brand: Mindgrasp

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Mindgrasp is an AI-based software that helps you understand your content effectively and answer related questions by acting as a personal learning assistan... Read More About Mindgrasp read review arrow


Fireflies AI

Fireflies AI



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Brand: Glasp

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... Read More About Glasp img

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Brand: Ginger Labs

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... Read More About Notability img

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Brand: Reflect

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Write and store all the important points of a meeting in a single document with Reflect.... Read More About Reflect read review arrow




Brand: GoodNotes

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A combination of digital notebook and PDF markup that lets you organize your notes better, using folders and sub folders.... Read More About GoodNotes read review arrow




Brand: Mem Labs

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Mem Task Management Software is a robust and comprehensive solution for individuals and teams looking to streamline their task management processes.... Read More About Mem read review arrow




Brand: Handwrytten

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Handwrytten is a handwritten notes software that helps in writing handwritten notes automatically in your choice of handwriting style. You can use these h... Read More About Handwrytten img

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Last Updated on : 23 Nov, 2023

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Best Handwritten Notes Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Generally, handwritten notes over printed notes are preferred as it helps people to remember the notes for a longer period than printed notes.  

One of the best software for converting handwriting to text is Microsoft OneNote. Its user-friendly interface helps you convert your handwriting to text conveniently.

Buyer's Guide for Top Handwritten Notes Software

Found our list of Handwritten Notes Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • The Significance of Handwritten Notes
  • What is Handwritten Notes Software?
  • Who Can Use Handwritten Notes Software?
  • How Does Handwritten Notes Software Work?
  • Key Features of Handwritten Notes Software
  • Best handwritten Notes Software for Your Business

The Significance of Handwritten Notes

In the digital era, most businesses rely on emails to communicate with their customers or promote their products and services. However, handwritten notes and letters are still a popular medium to grow your business outreach and strengthen your customer relations. In addition to that, the handwritten notes can benefit your business in multiple ways such as-

  1. These notes can help develop and strengthen your customer’s relationship.
  2. Personalized handwritten notes can help in creating a positive and long-lasting impression on customers.
  3. It helps in expanding your customer base.
  4. Handwritten notes are one of the most efficient mediums to connect with your customers.
  5. A wonderful way to strengthen your personal brand and reputation.
  6. Handwritten notes and greetings can help your business to stand out from your competitors in the industry with customized designs.
  7. It helps your employees and customers feel more valued and appreciated for their patronage.

What is Handwritten Notes Software?

The handwritten notes software is used by businesses to create and send personalized messages and letters to their customers and other important contacts. Organizations use it to make announcements, thank you notes, special occasions notes, etc., with quality business stationery and the impression of genuine handwriting. The software helps you to imitate various handwritten styles to create a perfect and authentic handwritten note for your business.

Who Can Use Handwritten Notes Software?

Handwriting to text software is used by the sales and marketing team of an organization to communicate with their customers effectively and to promote business products and services. However, it can also be used by the HR department and senior management for overall communication within the organization.

Handwritten notes software can help an organization in increasing clientele relationships, retention, loyalty, etc., by sending personalized letters to them for their patronage and as a token of appreciation.

How Does Handwritten Notes Software Work?

Software for converting handwriting to text works by combining with several other platforms such as CRM software, email marketing software, spreadsheet software to get the information of customers’ information. The software has a conversion tool that helps in converting your handwritten text into a typed text easily and efficiently.

All you need is to choose the draw option and click on the lasso select button. After that, on the page, you need to select the handwritten text you wish to convert, then choose the ink to text option. The software would convert your handwritten notes to text efficiently.

Key Features of Handwritten Notes Software

When you buy a handwriting to text converter for pc or any other device, you get the following features to create customized and personalized emails and letters.

  1. Multiple Templates and Design Tools: The primary feature of handwritten notes software is that it contains numerous email templates and design tools to create unique and personalized emails. These templates and design tools help businesses to create authentic business stationery, including emails.
  2. Ability to Import the Contact Details: The best software for handwritten notes should be able to import contact details and related information about the existing and new customers to send personalized letters conveniently.
  3. Create Letters with Genuine Handwriting: The main purpose of using handwritten notes software is to help businesses give a personal touch. The software contains different handwriting styles an organization can use to create letters and emails with genuine handwriting.
  4. Printing Solutions: Most software for converting handwriting to text also provides printing solutions to its users. Additionally, it also offers an existing print solution for the business to create customized business cards, thank you notes, greetings, books, etc.
  5. Integration with the Existing Software: The handwritten notes software can be integrated with several other existing software such as marketing automation software and e-commerce platforms. This boosts the marketing campaigns and promotes the business in a better way.
  6. Automates Messages: Suitable handwritten note software can also automate your personalized letters with prewritten text. All your mail and letters would be sent to recipients at a scheduled time automatically, thereby helping in enhancing the relationship with the recipients.
  7. Unique Handwriting Styles: To create unique and customized personalized business cards, letters, and emails, the OCR handwritten notes software offers different handwriting styles to match the original handwriting texts. In this way, businesses can create endless handwritten notes, letters, and emails.

Best handwritten Notes Software for Your Business

If you want to buy the best software for handwritten notes to compliment your organization, consider the following handwritten notes software.

  1. Handwrytten: This handwritten note platform is developed to cater to the demands of businesses of diverse sizes by expanding their business outreach through various automated handwritten notes and letters.
  2. Felt App: This software allows businesses to customize their handwritten notes and letters with several tools such as multiple inks, pens, and an eraser.
  3. Simply Noted: This software helps small businesses to create and send personalized letters with multiple handwriting styles. It also allows you to add inserts, fliers, business cards, and gift cards to the recipient’s envelopes.
  4. ViaNote: It allows the users to customize their emails and messages with endless handwriting styles and ink options. Moreover, all the letters would be prewritten digitally and proofread for accuracy.
  5. IgnitePOST: This handwritten note software can help businesses to track the progress of their email campaigns. It can also integrate with various CRM software to improve customer relations.
  6. This software allows you to add a handwritten touch to your emails, letters, and printed stationery such as greetings, business cards, journals, thank you notes, etc.
  7. Thankster: The software allows you to send personalized emails and letters with the feature of customizing the message individually for your customers.
  8. OneNote: The software helps you automate all your notes and texts while you type. You can also insert information from multiple webpages and other apps within the software.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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