IOP Helpdesk /Service Request Management

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Price: 2500.00 INR /user/month

SRM is a helpdesk software solution catering to track problems or service issues for closure/solution and undertaking analytics on agents, issues or problem areas. This intuitive solution facilitates small office work assignments and tracking, service-request handling with notifications via email, helpdesk ticket handling with analytics for business entities. The software encompasses activities like invoice generation, work assignments, creation of work assignments, providing a dashboard view, etc. View More

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus

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Price: 2100.00 INR /annum

A web-based customer support/help desk/ticketing tool that lets organization effectively manage customer tickets, their account/contact information, service contracts to provide superior customer experience. The solution also facilitates best-in-class integrations for enhanced customer support such as Salesforce CRM and Reporting and Analysis. View More

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

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Price: 2100.00 INR /annum

ServiceDesk Plus is a complete ticketing/customer service/helpdesk tool which has been delivering support services to clients across India and abroad. The solution is ITIL/ITSM ready which automates query and customer handling process to deliver seamless customer service. Also, businesses can easily discover and maintain their IT asset inventory with efficient auto-discovery from Windows, Linux, Mac, AIX, and Solaris, as well as printers, routers, switches, and more. View More

ManageEngine OpManager

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Price: 41650.00 INR

OpManager is one stop shop to get all the visibility and control required to manage entire IT network in the organization. Right from installation to troubleshooting faults, OpManager makes it easy with its engineering excellence. The solution helps in taking pre-emptive actions to resolve outages, manage switches & IP address, manage configurations & track changes in real time, check visibility to manage network. View More

Zoho Support

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Price: 720.00 INR /agent/month

A web based help desk software that gives ability to efficiently manage organizations customer support activities. With this state-of-the-art help desk software, it becomes easier to assign, track, and set up alerts on help desk tickets. The helpdesk software/ticketing tool is an available at cost effective price in India. View More

PTSOL HelpDesk Solution

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Price: 100000.00 INR Onwards

EAMbrace - HelpDesk Solution is targeted towards streamlining an organization’s HelpDesk/Ticketing process. The solution helps user simplify and automate helpdesk/ticket management and lets them operate beyond traditional methods of lodging call using phone calls or emails which are often tedious and time-consuming. View More

TeamViewer12 Premium Version

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Price: 65800.00 INR Onwards

Team Viewer is a simple, quick and free remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer solution which works even when the user has a firewall installed or when there are other limitations. If the user has to connect to another computer, activate Team Viewer on both computers without even installing it. View More


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Price: 5000.00 INR Onwards

BPO CRM is a premium CRM tool to help boost sales, perfect business scaling & have complete awareness about leads & sales operations. The CRM tool has multiple required functionalities including leads, contact management, BPO operations, etc. The software acts as a productivity enhancing tools and can be used as a helpdesk/support tool. View More

Fresh (Blossom)

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Price: 999.00 INR /user/month

contact centre management system which allocates a ticket to the customer and manage them through a system to support them in a manner which enables customer delight and effectively manages the available executives at the back. View More

Helpdesk refers to the process of resolving customer queries and grievances that is an inseparable element of any business especially e-commerce. To help the customers better, businesses can automated their helpdesk operations with online helpdesk software. These helpdesk software capture the queries/ grievances and direct them to the appropriate personnel to be resolved. Best helpdesk software automates the following tasks:
  • Ticket Management: A ticket is raised when a customer raises a query or grievance via email or social media. Customer support executive answer these queries to handle the tickets and manages to resolve the issues. Status of the tickets can be updated and tracked from within the system on the fly.
  • Assignment of Queries: Queries can be auto-assigned to the capable personnel who answers the raised queries or concerns. The manager is notified if the query takes too long to be resolved or not answered at all.
  • Resource Optimization: Managers can specify the roles and assign the tasks to the team efficiently. The resources can be optimized and their performance can be observed effortlessly.
  • Reports: Various reports pertaining to the team turnaround time, tickets raised, resolution rate etc. can be generated for useful business insights.