Marg HR Expert

(7 reviews)

Price: 8500.00 INR /license

A complete HRMS solution which is capable enough to provide employee’s complete details on a single click and replaces the need of looking after of manual records. The software offers a complete package of payroll related activities such as managing leave & attendance, salary calculations, bonus, statutory compliances, access controls, FnF settlements, arrear calculations, etc. View More

Greytip greytHR (BANTAM)

(9 reviews)

Price: 995.00 INR /25 employees/month

A cloud based hire to retire software which aims at making HRM an easy task. It helps manage all HRM related activities through a single dashboard and enable employees to access relevant information like attendance, leaves, etc. and raise requests through ESS. The software automates key areas of HRM like payroll, attendance, hiring, appraisal, retirement, etc. View More

PeopleStrong Alt

(10 reviews)

Price: 63.00 INR /employee/month

PeopleStrong Alt is an HR SaaS technology which can solve over 40 compelling HR problems for you. It is a “Born on cloud” HR technology designed “For HR, by HR”. A comprehensive HR solution on the cloud for recruitment process outsourcing, talent acquisition, applicant tracking system, leave and attendance. View More


(12 reviews)

Price: 49.00 INR /employee/month

sumHR is a modern, delightful, and extremely easy to use Human Resource Management Software that helps start-ups and SMEs streamline their HR & payroll processes. The software brings together the various pieces of HRM together like attendance & leave management, payroll processing, employee data and profile management, etc. View More

M2ComSys ScanGard

(10 reviews)

Price: 52500.00 INR Onwards

ScanGard is an RFID based technology attendance management system for monitoring the presence of employees, visitors or other persons that are issued a RFID Tag. The software enables the comprehensive access control and attendance tracking system. The online solution is compatible with biometric and proximity devices. It is of great use for production houses, labour intensive companies, etc. View More


(10 reviews)

Price: 100000.00 INR Onwards

An online HRMS application providing those in HR division a comprehensive solution for workforce management and offering employees direct access to view and manage their own information. The software helps effective HRM in an organization with features for recruitment, training, payroll management, ESS, project management, leave & attendance, appraisals, reporting and analytics, etc. View More

Star Techno HRM

(12 reviews)

Price: 25000.00 INR

An innovative software helping companies manage Human resources in the organization effectively with various tools. The software aims at bringing in efficiency in day to day operations with tools like self-service, payroll management, leave & attendance tracking, salary slips generation, application tracking and recruitment. The software has proven to be one of the best HRMS solutions in India. View More

Star Techno Payroll with HRM

(12 reviews)

Price: 42000.00 INR

A people management software helping reduce the work load of HR, employees of the company and other staff as well. The automated solution not only improves productivity and efficiency for day to day management but also manages payroll, complete HR operations effortlessly. The software allows timeless management of various activities pertaining to recruitments, pay structuring, staff profiling, optimal staff deployment, and report generation and hence efficient HRM. View More

Bigdbiz HRM

(12 reviews)

Price: 20000.00 INR

An interactive and intuitive online HRM software which helps effective payroll and employee management through a single tool. The software provides an ESS portal from where employees can track their leave, attendance and other details. The software helps companies with other HR related activities like payroll management, employee information management, document management, task tracking, etc. View More

Zoho People

(12 reviews)

Price: 1140.00 INR /month

Zoho People is a complete online HR solution that takes care of all HR activities while businesses take care of their employees. This leading edge solution facilitates 360 degree HR operations from within a single platform including employee database management, attendance management, leave management, performance appraisal cycle, travel management and payslip generation among others. View More

Zoho Recruit

(9 reviews)

Price: 1500.00 INR /Recruiter/Month

Zoho recruit is an assistance tool for HR team(s) at company aiming at making their life easier. The software with recruitment activities like talking to clients, maintaining contacts and scheduling interviews, etc. With cloud-based automations, Zoho recruit enhances visibility and extends the reach universally. It helps undertake HRMS activities effectively. View More

QualitasIT UnitySuite

(9 reviews)

Price: 300.00 INR /user/month

UnitySuite is an HRMS suite which helps managing human resource of an organization in an effective and efficient manner by automating the entire process and eliminating the manual process. The solution provides ESS for employees and features like personal information, job titles, leave management, performance management, compensation management, transitions, etc. for the HR team. View More

BioTech HRMS

(10 reviews)

Price: 100000.00 INR

HRMS by BioTech Systems is a technically sound and user friendly HRMS solution that help organizations manage their human resources in an effective and efficient manner. The solution helps smoothen/streamline the entire HRM process by managing employee data, manage vacancies in the organization, manage applicants for vacancies. Also, the employees of the company can manage their data/information, leave and other necessary actions from the employee self-service. View More

Experts IN eliteHRMS

(9 reviews)

Price: 65000.00 INR

EliteHRMS is a holistic HRM solution that help companies manage employees and their data in an effective and efficient manner. The solution is aimed at serving the HR of an organization in managing the various activities pertaining to managing employees starting from hiring them till their retirement/exit. View More


(6 reviews)

Price: 2000.00 INR /month

The solution is one of the HR & Payroll software that is employee centric. It is an all in one HRM software which offer modules for employees, managers, HR team members, etc. It takes into account day to day activities like employee on boarding & History, employee and manager self-service, leave plans & encashment, compliances, payroll, time tracking, analytics, attendance, etc. View More


(10 reviews)

Price: 130000.00 INR Onwards

HRMThread is a web hosted Human Resource Management Solution that help organizations manage the HR front effectively and efficiently. The software is a versatile and user friendly package that enables undertaking HR related activities like recruitment, PMS, training & exit management and generating various outputs and statutory reports. View More

Krtya Easy HRMS

(9 reviews)

Price: 30000.00 INR onwards/year

EasyHRMS is a scalable and reliable solution to simplify HR operations with user-friendly menu, highly interactive screen, resulting in easy flow of interactions with staff and one touch availability of all employee data. Some of the features include attendance management, integration of biometric devices, Employee Self Service, Leave management, HRM, recruitment, appraisals, etc. View More

Tamba GoForHR

(7 reviews)

Price: 65.00 INR /Employee/Month

GoForHR is a cloud based HRMS software which aims to fulfil the need of growing organization. The application has features for Employees Self Services - employee database, recruitment, attendance, leave management, appraisal system, expense claim, payroll and many interactive features. Since the software is based on a web application, it can be accessed remotely, while on the move through laptops/hand held devices like tablets/smartphones. View More

BMR Payroll Solution

(12 reviews)

Price: 60000.00 INR

A web based payroll software that enable the HR import data from attendance machine directly. The solution is developed on.NET platform which makes it a completely online, which can be accessed anytime/anywhere. The software supports all kind of statutory reports that are to be maintained or uploaded online. The software is flexible and hence can support customizations which can incorporate any kind of company HR policies regarding leave, attendance etc. View More

iWeb People Relationship Management

(7 reviews)

Price: 250000.00 INR onwards

People Relationship Management is an ultimate software solution to effectively manage all aspects pertaining to HRM. The product facilitates the organization to control and maintain the employee details, attendance, shifts, trainings, payroll, library, insurance, leave, travel and many more efficiently. The product provides comprehensive solutions for all people management concerns and issues. View More

DizyPro HRMS (Subscription)

(6 reviews)

Price: 50.00 INR /employee/month

DizyPro HR & Payroll is designed to accommodate basic payroll requirements and is simple to use. Most of the details such income, deduction, and obligation amounts are managed during set up rather than in day to day operations. View More

DizyPro HRMS (Perpetual)

(10 reviews)

Price: 250000.00 INR

The HR & Payroll software is designed to accommodate basic payroll requirements and is simple to use. Most of the details such income, deduction, and obligation amounts are managed during set up rather than in day to day operations. With the flexibility offered by the software, user can have daily, weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay periods for both salaried and hourly employees. View More

Paybooks Payroll Software

(6 reviews)

Price: 40.00 INR /employee/month

Paybooks is a holistic and technically HRMS solution which help companies manage Human Resources effectively with various tools for HR team and employees like Admin module, Employee Self Service, etc.  View More

FlexiEle HRMS

(9 reviews)

Price: 9900.00 INR Onwards/month

HRMS by FlexiEle is a hire to retire HRM software helping companies manage their human workforce efficiently. The software is technically robust yet flexible and can be integrated with ERPs like SAP, Oracle, etc. The software aims at empowering the HR team of the company with various tools which can help make their work life easy like payroll processing, attendance tracking & monitoring, self-service portals, etc. View More

Spine HR Suite

(7 reviews)

Price: 162500.00 INR

Spine HR Suite is a complete Human Resource Management software which helps manage and perform all the tasks from hire to retire or relieve. It stores complete records of the employees, fulfil most of the compliance that takes care of all your requirements related to management, workflow and accounting employees. View More

Greytip greytHR (WELTER)

(10 reviews)

Price: 1495.00 INR /25 employees/month

GreytHR is the preferred HR & payroll software for Indian businesses. It vastly reduces and simplifies work while delivering accurate and super-fast results. GreytHR automates key areas of HR, payroll management, leave and attendance tracking. View More

Greytip greytHR (SUPER)

(6 reviews)

Price: 2495.00 INR /25 employees/month

GreytHR is the preferred HR & payroll software for Indian businesses. It vastly reduces and simplifies work while delivering accurate and super-fast results. GreytHR automates key areas of HR, payroll management, leave and attendance tracking. View More

Greytip greytHR (CRUISER)

(9 reviews)

Price: 4995.00 INR /25 employees/month

GreytHR is the preferred HR & payroll software for Indian businesses. It vastly reduces and simplifies work while delivering accurate and super-fast results. GreytHR automates key areas of HR, payroll management, leave and attendance tracking. View More


(9 reviews)

Price: 50000.00 INR Onwards

An easy to use HRM solution that help manage all HRM related activities through a single platform. The solution helps HRM domains to efficiently execute the crucial tasks such as time & attendance, payroll, employees, leave, recruitment, overtime and shift management. HR team of the company can manage recruitment, payroll, employee details, leaves and a lot more. View More

Meshink Human Resources Management Software

(9 reviews)

Price: 17000.00 INR

Human Resource Management Software is a solution to administer and manage all the HR processes that include benefits, administration, payroll, recruiting, training, and performance analysis. HR processes help track all the information pertaining to employee compensation and other related wages for enhanced productivity. View More


(9 reviews)

Price: 3625.00 INR /month

ZingHR is a cloud based human resource management software and payroll solutions which specifically designed for SMEs. Provides a complete solution to your needs of entire organization and dashboard of all employee activities. The offered system streamlines the HR functions with easy to use human resource tools & payroll solutions. View More

eStar eHRMS Human Resource Management

(10 reviews)

Price: 40000.00 INR onwards

A web based solution helping organizations manage HR related activities like payroll processing, employee management, leave and attendance monitoring, and a lot more through a single platform. The software aims at automating repetitive and time consuming tasks associated with Human Resources Management. View More


(9 reviews)

Price: 500000.00 INR

HRMantra Software is best and powerful software that has been developed after an extensive study on the market requirements. HRMantra’s Human Resource Management System allows you to track all employee life-cycle activities and extensive employee information. It’s now easy to have accurate and ready-to-use employee information in one central location. View More

Nitso HR Management

(12 reviews)


Nitso HR Management Software offers an easy & user friendly solution for all kinds of enterprises. This will fuller most of compliance, that takes care of all your requirements relating to management, workflow and accounting employees by providing employee information, employee self Service, leave, time & attendance, training’s, appraisal & recruitment modules. The combination of these in one application will help you to align HR process along with organization goals. View More


A Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is an automation solution to administer and manage the human resources functions including benefits, payroll, recruitments, employee trainings, performance analysis and review. Commonly known as Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in India, the solution encompasses retaining, hiring, administration, managing, HR planning, recruiting/learning management along with facilitating the performance records, employee self-service, scheduling, absence management, analytics, and grievance handling by following precedents. In all, human resource management system software is an integration of various HR operations and information technology to enhance the productivity of each function.
A best HRMS software consists of the following vital modules accommodating specific HRMS processes:
  • Recruitment and onboarding: Recruitment and onboarding module retains the information about all the applications received with status and remarks, candidates finalized, offer letters issued and candidates appointed. From the application receiving to the appointments, every step is recorded in this module.
  • Personnel Information Management: This extensive module enables gathering, storing, and accessing employee information such as employee id, contact details, qualifications, key skills, department, etc. Essential documents such as resume, academic and work experience certificates etc. can also be captured in this module.
  • Payroll Management: The payroll module automates the pay process based on the employee attendance and time contributed. The pay is auto-calculated with various deductions and taxes, and payslips are generated. Payroll module considers the data from the Personnel Information Management module for pay structuring and calculation.
  • Time and Attendance: This module can be integrated with the biometric machines to capture the time in and out to auto-calculate the time contributed by the employee. The module also maintains a record of leaves taken by each employee along with leave details and helps tracking the absenteeism. The information in this module serves as the base to calculate the pay in the Payroll Management module.
  • Performance Evaluation: Each employee’s performance can be recorded here. The tasks assigned along with status and performance review are recorded in this module that helps in decision making at the time of promotions and appraisals.
  • Benefits Administration: This module deals with the administration of employees’ contribution in the benefits programs such as insurance, compensation, profit sharing and retirement.
  • Training Management: The Training module allows the organization to administer and track employee training and development efforts. Also known as Learning Management System (LMS), this module allows HR to track education, qualifications and skill enhancement of the employees as well as scheduling the necessary trainings for the employee upgradation.
  • Employee Self-Service: This module enables the employees to query HR related data such as attendance record and submit leave requests. The supervisors can approve O.T. and leave requests from their subordinates through the system seamlessly from within this module.
  • Reporting and Analytics: This comprehensive module allows the HR to generate useful reports with customizable criteria and helps organizations analyse the data for efficient decision making.