Uttara U-Trade

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Price: 500000.00 INR

U-Trade is an all-inclusive and integrated inventory management tool that can be configured, modularised to suit the needs of any SMB (Small and Medium Business) and Large scale businesses. It enables effective material planning, sourcing and optimized utilization of resources for enhancing profitability. The software helps manage business functions such as inventory control & accounting, sales order tracking and analysis, warehouse management, PO analysis and a lot more. View More

NeoITsoft Inventory Power

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Price: 8000.00 INR onwards

Inventory management software that is designed specially to meet the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises (SME), such as computer stores, cell phones stores, bookstore, boutique, shoe store, antique store, book store, retail stores, shopping malls or home business etc. The software supports customizable company info, logo, tax code and value, invoice number etc. View More

CodeRobotics InvyGist- Inventory Management with POS

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Price: 15000.00 INR

A PHP based comprehensive inventory management software enabling ultimate management of product, supplier, sales, and customer, purchase order, business campaign etc. InvyGist is easy to install and is available with user friendly responsive design and mobile compatibility. View More

True Len-den Management

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Price: 12500.00 INR /year

A true business enablement software offering secure automation solutions for effective management of business transactions like inventory management, access controls for users to enabling information access, client registration, purchases & sales management, taxation, user creation, department management. The software has proven to be a true business enabler for clients in India. View More

Virtual Splat Online Web based Inventory Control Software

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Price: 55000.00 INR

An online and mobile based inventory management software that facilitate enterprises with efficient management of overall operations and processes. The software acts as all in one application facilitating day to day business activities like inventory management, sales & marketing, salesman tracking, generation of MIS reports, tracking sales orders, accounting (P&L, cash books, Balance sheets, etc.), auto VAT calculation, interactive dashboard for information access, etc. View More

Virtual Splat Online Store Management Software

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Price: 55000.00 INR

Store Management Software from Virtual Splat is an innovative solution that helps businesses to maintain their purchases, stocks and consumption. This software keeps a track of required items and their inventory in the store room. Businesses can also manage their purchase and control rejections. View More

Shivit Inventory Control Software

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Price: 100000.00 INR

Inventory Control Management System (ICMS) is a cutting edge software solution that equip the enterprises with efficient materials management and planning. CMS caters to all activities involved in the flow of materials including materials requirement determination, generating purchase orders, receipt of goods, etc. The software enables reliable maintenance of real-time records for item-wise, location-wise Stock count and its valuation for effective inventory management. View More

Dcsinfoway Inventory Biz ERP

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Price: 3999.00 INR Onwards

A new generation user-friendly Inventory and Accounting Software, which can be used and installed without much knowledge of accounting or software training. The software is quite simple and supports customization of invoices, easy export of reports to excel, simple master’s creation, dual menu, barcode processing, drill downs, windows GUI, quick search for all vouchers with conditions using biz search, shortcut keys for easy work process, built in quick reference and help, etc. View More

RelyonSoft Saral Billing

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Price: 7500.00 INR Onwards

SARAL BILLING is a complete billing an inventory management solution for businesses. The solution caters to overall operations in billing and inventory management such as quick billing, counter billing, serial number tracking, receipts and issues management et al. View More

NEEIDS-NEEMUS Inventory & Distribution System

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Price: 250000.00 INR /License Fee

Neemus Inventory and Distribution System, is a complete automation solution for all processes starting from procurement to production. The operational needs of all vital operations in inventory and distribution of goods are addressed by Neemus Inventory and Distribution System expertly. It is a scalable and reliable solution to enhance the productivity and performance relieving the businesses from all management issues. View More

Vanuston PROBILZ - Express Edition 1.0

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Price: 6500.00 INR /annum

Express edition of PROBLIZ is a holistic and ready-to-use retail ERP that facilitates the enterprises manage entire retail business and new stores. It is a ready-to-use retail software solution that facilitates the enterprises manage entire retail business and new stores. The software helps streamline sales, purchases, stock transfers, financial accounting, payroll, customer loyalty programs and promotion processes. View More

Vanuston PROBILZ - Standard Edition 1.0

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Price: 13500.00 INR /annum

Standard edition of PROBLIZ is a ready-to-use retail ERP that facilitates the enterprises manage entire retail business and new stores. The software helps streamline sales, purchases, stock transfers, financial accounting, payroll, customer loyalty programs and promotion processes. The software encompasses various business functions like stock management, finance and accounting, reports generation, master’s creation, drug database, etc. View More

Vanuston PROBILZ - Professional Edition 1.0

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Price: 18500.00 INR /annum

Professional edition of PROBLIZ is one of the leading product which is easy to use and has rich user Interface. The software solution provides effective control over businesses to the retail businesses. The software provides automated operations categorized into various modules ranging from stock management, POS, Masters CRM & Accounting. View More

Prime Inventory Management

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Price: 24000.00 INR /user

One stop shop with automated features for effective inventory management including stock quantity, transactions, transfers, sales, purchases, products, suppliers and many more. The software can also be used to track the product status and location while transported from a vendor to a warehouse, between warehouses, and finally to a retail location or directly to a customer. View More

Zoho Inventory

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Price: 1800.00 INR /month

A complete web based inventory management software for growing business. The software offers a bundle of features for effective management of operations. Some of the features include inventory management, better options for shipping, multi-channel options, order fulfilment, MIS & reports, Accounting & reporting, decision making, order management, etc. View More

BioTech Store Inventory Management

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Price: 35000.00 INR

Inventory management by BioTech Systems provides organizations the ability to track each step in the inventory life cycle from the time they can create a purchase order for supplier to the moment they ship the product to customer. Inventory management solution monitors and reports stock levels, costs and averages view inventory levels by location, category or overall Product history shows when items were received or sold, add new items through bar code, set sales unit by weight or in bundles, etc. View More

 Astral Inventory Management System

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Price: 100000.00 INR Onwards

Astral Inventory Management System manages multiple location branches from single location, build using latest technology for flexible working and compatible with tablets, smartphones, desktop and laptop. it gives complete control over purchase, stock and sales of goods as well as provides exact status at any given point of time. View More

Rushda Inventory Software

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Price: 20000.00 INR

Rushda Inventory Software is a highly professional stock management solution allowing the organizations to administer their inventory from one small retail outlet to a chain of stores and warehouses across several locations efficiently. The inventory management software comes with an intuitive interface and follows modular approach to categorise day to day operations. View More

Primaseller (Professional Version)

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Price: 999.00 INR Onwards/month

A cloud based software supporting inventory management and order management across multiple channels. The software provides cloud based order processing and inventory management services to retailers selling both online and offline. The software acts as one stop shop for all day to day management activities ranging from procurement, sales, POS, inventory management, accounting, online sales management, shipping, order fulfilment, etc. View More

eStar eInvMS

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Price: 15000.00 INR Onwards

eInvMS – is an inventory management software which helps in managing inventory. The software can be used across industries and supports managing multiple types of inventories like finished goods, raw material View More

NCH Inventoria

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Price: 8354.29 INR

Inventoria is a cutting edge business inventory management and stock control solution that helps businesses to manage and monitor inventory to help streamline overall operations and boost profits. The solution allows businesses to order the stock, receive, control and manage the same effortlessly and errorlessly. With user-friendliness as the most sought feature, the solution does not require any extensive infrastructure and training. View More

Dizypro Inventory (Subscription)

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Price: 30000.00 INR /location/year

DizyPro Inventory software is a complete bundle of intuitive toolsets that empower businesses to effectively manage overall inventory control and management. This cost-effective solution helps in achieving increased profits with superior traceability, recall management and stock control across the entire supply chain. View More

Dizypro Inventory (Perpetual)

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Price: 150000.00 INR

DizyPro Inventory software is a complete bundle of intuitive toolsets that empower businesses to effectively manage overall inventory control and management. This cost-effective solution helps in achieving increased profits with superior traceability, recall management and stock control across the entire supply chain. View More

MicroDot Inventory Management

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Price: 25000.00 INR

Inventory management is a comprehensive solution that provides ultimate solutions to every type of organisation. This software allows potent activities related to inventory management through advanced modules such as purchase, accounting, sales and inventory with various effective reports and product tracker. View More

Retails Software Barcoded/Non Barcoded

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Price: 50000.00 INR Single User

It is an ultimate Retail Management System that caters to unique retail requirements of small and mid-market retailers. The software provides strong analytics for the retail businesses. The software also facilitates comprehensive solutions that include employee management, stock management and scheme management. View More

Meshink Inventory Management System

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Price: 11000.00 INR

Inventory management is a cloud-based solution for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries. This software caters to a large audience that includes manufacturing industries, wholesalers, distributors, retailers etc. and deals with every aspect of inventory management effectively to enhance business productivity. View More

Inventory management software deals with inventory or stock. The Inventory or stock management is a comprehensive approach to manage each and every minute stock or inventory movement along with associated aspects. To dexterously manage inventory in any business is a challenging task but if well executed, it contributes to the enhanced productivity at reduced business costs. To ease the burden of business owners and stakeholders, various online inventory management system software are also available suiting the budget and automation needs of the enterprises.
Inventory management and control involves the under-listed functions that could be the must-have features in a competent software for inventory management:
  • Suppliers: The details of all suppliers associated offering the raw material of the semi-finished goods required for production must be managed effectively. Quotations, item prices and supplier performance must be administered well for effective upkeep of inventory control.
  • Purchase or Procurement: All purchases must be recorded readily. Procurement or purchase of stock with processed purchase orders is the base function for all inventory operations.
  • Stock Transfers: Any stock transfer to the warehouses with essential details is must to be recorded. This helps to track the stock quantity in the warehouses and to maintain the current stock balance on hand at current location.
  • Stock Transactions: All stock transactions including the stock issues to various departments for production along with any stock returns with appropriate details must be captured in the system. This ultimately provides a clear picture of the stock position.
  • Barcode Management: With computerization of almost every process and thing, the barcode is the best way to uniquely identify an item. A sound inventory management allows the barcode management and also enables barcode integration with the system as well.
  • Reorder Level Management: Reorder level must be evaluated so as to prevent the inventory go out of stock and avoiding production halts. The stock must be ordered well in-time to eliminate any stock crisis issues in the business.
  • MIS: MIS or Management Information System refers to an array of useful reports that provide analytical data thereby allowing the administration to take efficient decisions contributing to enhanced business productivity.