WorkMan Ilearner

(7 reviews)

Price: 300000.00 INR

A training channel manager which is unique and complete application. It helps manage all kind of Skill Development & Training Programs online which are spread geographically like PARVAZ, HIMAYAT, AAJEEVIKA, etc. The application encompasses activities in learning management like course & content, attendance & batch management, franchise & center management and a lot more. View More

Agriya Teachr

(12 reviews)

Price: 168000.00 INR

Teachr is a user-friendly online teaching software developed using udemy clone script. which is used across various educational institutes. The software allows the complete management of courses, instructors, instruction levels and course validity. Available in multiple languages, the software is available as online solution enabling the users to access from anywhere anytime. View More

Holistic Educational e-shaala 

(7 reviews)

Price: 100000.00 INR /year

A learning management ERP with integrated modules that can be accessed 24x7 by its stakeholders like teachers, students, management, and administration. The software provides users with features for managing time table, examination, results, notice board, fee management, attendance management, report generation, placements, etc. View More

Agriya Tutor

(9 reviews)

Price: 119000.00 INR

Tutor is a comprehensive software solution for online video tutorial platforms that enables efficient management and tracking of stakeholders including students, courses, instructors and instruction levels. It is a clone of Lynda script and enable undertaking educational courses through videos. It can be used by all educational institutes. View More

LKOnline Exam Software

(10 reviews)

Price: 14999.00 INR /year

A completely web based solution for conducting examination/test(s) online. The software is has been used by hundreds of educational institutes across India for conducting exams online like schools/colleges, Universities, Coaching centres, learning centres with all question types like MCQs/text, etc. The software provides an option for conducting free/paid exams both online and offline anywhere and anytime. The software paves the way for effective Learning Management system. View More

Samsung SDS Edduto-Class

(9 reviews)

Price: 770.00 INR /user/month

Based on the concept of 'Design your own learning' the software is a smart way to resolve different needs from individual, team, etc. Various modules of this learning management help the organizer plan learnings for himself, team and the organization as well. The software provides self-learning environment, fun & communication based learning environment, induce sales professionals for motivation and a lot more. View More

Samsung SDS Edduto-Mobile

(6 reviews)

Price: 770.00 INR /user/month

A mobile based application which supports learning management in a way where executives can attend sessions while on the move through a mobile application. The holistic solution improves productivity at work by providing customized educational environments for employees and enables them to access important training/learning documents on their mobile while they are on the go! View More

Cyberlett Coaching Centre Management

(10 reviews)

Price: 80000.00 INR Onwards

Coaching Centers Management System -(CCMS) is an online ERP/software for educational institutes which is useful to manage multiple coaching centers, educational institutes and franchises. CCMS help users manage students and employees at different centers of a coaching center and a user can manage all centers, employees and student at different location from one central system. A user can also make batches/sessions for different centers. View More

MarvelSoft Library management

(9 reviews)

Price: 15000.00 INR

LibraryAdmin is the complete School library management and automation solution that enables librarians manage all books available in the Library in Library Admin, which helps them keep track of all the books, books stock, book borrow and return from the students, much more efficiently than conventional method of library management. Library Master is a web based integrated library automation software based on Web application model. View More

Qmarksoft Institute Management System

(9 reviews)

Price: 21000.00 INR Onwards

Institute Management Software from Qmarksoft is a comprehensive solution that allows institutes to manage all operations and components well for improved efficiency at reduced costs. View More

Coaching centre management system is a useful software for undertaking efficient management of Educational institutes. The software has been designed and developed by a class of technical and management professionals after continuous research & consultations with various education experts & coaching administrators. The software aims to make running coaching centre worry free and focus on teaching. Also, the software is very user friendly and simple to operate. View More

Coaching centre management system is a useful software for undertaking efficient management of Educational institutes. The software has been designed and developed by a class of technical and management professionals after continuous research & consultations with various education experts & coaching administrators. The software aims to make running coaching centre worry free and focus on teaching. Also, the software is very user friendly and simple to operate. View More

Qualsoft Mock Test - MCQ Quiz

(10 reviews)

Price: 25000.00 INR

Mock Test is a tool that helps teachers and trainers to easily create and assign online tests to learners. Online tests can easily be scheduled as they can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Online testing also offers detailed reports, which reveal knowledge gaps and provide insights into a learner’s overall performance. It is a helpful tool for learning management institutes. View More

Qmarksoft Test Series Software

(9 reviews)

Price: 250.00 INR /student

Test Series Software is specially designed for students to prepare for various competition examinations like Banking, Railway, Teacher, BPSC, SSC, MBA, MCA or any other kind of Examinations and also for the institutes which provide training in these streams. It is helpful for enhancing learning management at coaching centres. View More

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that expedites the schools, colleges and other education institutions in documentation, administration, tracking, and reporting. In today’s age of computerization, institutions have to look forward to the automation or software solution for resultant management of all processes and functions. A learning management system software incorporates all automation needs ranging from application forms to the issue of certificates to the students. Other aspects include management of students, attendance, classes, exams, staff, payroll, inventory, campus, financial accounting, transportation et al.  Record keeping or documentation is also one of the most tedious task that can be efficiently carried out with a competent learning management software.
The most sought features of an LMS software include:
  • Student Registration and Administration: The process cycle starts with the student registration and admissions. Issue of application forms, receiving and maintaining the accurate info is very important. The admission processes and flow is defined with this feature in the learning management software. Student administration is a crucial process that can be well managed with a sound LMS.
  • Curriculum and Course: The details of all the courses, curriculum and timetable accommodating the course delivery plans are defined and maintained here. This component of LMS is the most vital for smooth and successful functioning of an institution. Timetables can be defined here and trainers can be assigned for each subject mapping to the defined timetable.
  • Attendance Management: Attendance of students and staff can be captured with the integrated biometric machines or simply can be marked in the automated system. This feature helps tracking and controlling the absenteeism among the students and staff. Leaves can be requested and approved with this feature as well.
  • Fee and Accounting: To effectively achieve the financial gains and profitability in the institutions, LMS offers Fee & Accounting features that let the institutions carry out the fee collection, fee status tracking, and various accounting operations readily.
  • Class Management: This features allows the institutions to create classes/ batches with or without sections. The students are allotted their respective classes and class teachers or in-charges are assigned.
  • Examination and Result: Examination schedules, seating plans and result dates are defined here. The result generation is one of the most complex tasks that can be simplified on the fly with LMS.
  • Staff Management: Staff details, roles and profiles are defined pre-hand as the foremost activity. Tasks assigned and performance status can be effortlessly captured so as to take the effective decisions in retaining or relieving the staff members and deciding about the extended roles as well as appraisals.
  • Payroll: All payroll operations ranging from pay structuring to pay slip generations considering the leaves and relevant deductions can be readily performed flawlessly.
  • Parent Portal: A learning management system must provide a parent portal to facilitate the parents track all the activities in the school such as attendance, events, results et al. With the trending use of technology, SMS and email integration is much needed to keep the parents updated.
  • Event Management: Various events and activities can be planned in the academic year and corresponding notifications can be generated in this regard. The calendar events and activities are considered while scheduling the curriculum duration and timetable.