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Price: 12999.00 INR /year onwards

Vision from Techruzers is exclusively crafted for non-banking companies. The software is GST ready.  It provides them a helping hand for maintaining customer and hypothecated vehicle records with insurance, permit reminders, automatic fine calculations. 

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Price: 300.00 INR Onwards /month/vehicle

GeoRadius is a global geo-location tracking platform which is integrated with multiple GPS vehicle tracking devices and is capable of running simultaneously on the same client login. The software possesses industry proven technology that solves real world business challenges in the supply chain and logistics sector through innovative use of telematics. View More

Techlead eTechTracker

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Price: 850.00 INR /vehicle/month

eTechTracker is a cutting edge tracking solutions for commercial vehicles through RFID integration and GPS. This innovative solution has been designed specifically for the real time movement tracking of the vehicles to ensure the utmost security of the travellers and businesses transporting goods. It is a useful solution available for Logistics industry at affordable price in India. View More

Technoton Vehicle Tracking

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Price: 1280000.00 INR Onwards

Vehicle Tracking is a cloud based technically robust software which help logistic companies manage their fleet/wagons in an effective and efficient management, fuel, drivers and track near real time location of their vehicles for better fleet planning. View More


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Price: 120000.00 INR

Unitrack is a vehicle tracking software which help users check and track fleet in transit, vehicle performance, reporting & MIS, vehicle status, speed violations, etc. The software uses leading GPS and SIM card technology that is installed in the vehicle. View More

Vehicle tracking system allows schools and institutions to track their transport to minimize the associated risks.  Vehicle tracking software, generally used in Schools, refers to the automation of various transport management tasks served as a single package. With an array of vehicle software, it is tedious to find the best solution. Consider the following features while looking forward to a fleet management system:
  • GPS Tracking: Location of the vehicle can be instantly tracked to stay updated with its location, speed and other information.
  • Geo-fencing: Specifying a fixed area/ province in which the vehicles can move is called geo-fencing. Geo-fencing helps businesses to restrict the route of the vehicles and administer activities.
  • RFID: RFID refers to Radio-Frequency Identification. RFID support helps capturing the tiniest information about the vehicle such as distance covered, state of the vehicle and many more.
  • Vehicle Diagnostics & Maintenance: Vehicle diagnostics helps businesses to stay updated about the vehicle condition and enables to take maintenance related decisions.
  • Fuel Management: Fuel management administers the fuel level and indicates when fuel needs to be refilled into the vehicle to avoid any hurdle while commuting.
  • Students and Stoppages: Details of all students can be maintained availing the transport facility and the stoppages can be defined to identify pickup and drop locations.